Jane (youth student’s grandmother) via website

This program, taught by master teachers, is a gift for any child. Besides fitness, self defense, it helps them to become more focused, to attend, to set a goal and work for it. On top of all that the teachers are positive role models. The parents are mutually supportive of all the kids, on and off the floor. And, finally, the kids develop real friendships, a sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

Patti (youth student parent and student herself) via website

This is a wonderful place. I originally chose this school because it was in the same building as my daughter’s dance class and I thought it would be easy. Well, my son LOVED it. The program spoke to him like nothing ever has before. He was thriving in the program so when the school moved to Dorchester we followed them there. Now, the school is not convenient at all to our house (we live 35 minutes away) and drive home during rush hour. I say this so you know how worth the program is. Like so many things it is the teachers that make all the difference. Masters Gomes and Chris have a deep respect for what they do and for the children they are teaching. They are helping my son learn so much more than just Taekwondo skills. I highly recommend this school to anyone.

Teresa (parent of a little dragon -under age 6 – student) via Yelp.com

We observed every martial arts center in the area before deciding on Modern TKD, they have the perfect combination of engaging instructors, good technique and a genuine concern for the kids and how taekwondo can positively impact their lives outside the class. My 5 year old LOVES his class…

Sharon (parent of a black belt in the program) via website

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to enroll my son at Modern Taekwondo Center. Master Fredson Gomes and Master Chris Tuozzolo bring traditional training with a personal touch. Master Gomes has not only trained my son in the art of Taekwondo but has become a positive role model in his life. Modern Taekwondo Center promotes strong family values and self-confidence. They stand for discipline, integrity and excellence. They have my highest recommendation. We are proud to be a part of the Modern TKD Center family.

Anthony (two (2) youth students in the program) via Yelp.com

The instructors, Masters Fredson Gomes and Chris Tuozolo, are onto something special with their approach to teaching TKD, especially to children. My two boys, now 6 and 8, have benefited tremendously from training at Modern TKD Center. The school was a perfect fit for us since it reinforced what we were already teaching at home which were the five tenets at this school: Integrity, Courtesy, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit.

The instructors do not merely preach these tenets but expect their students to fully understand and practice them, in and out of the classroom. Parents help keep track of their kids progress with a weekly checklist and the students are rewarded based on their progress.

Modern TKD Center is ahead of the curve by incorporating an anti bullying curriculum into their classes. Verbal Judo, role playing, mentoring, are just a few extra examples of the techniques I’ve witnessed these instructors utilize to teach their students self confidence and understand how to stand up to, prevent, and/or help victims of bullying at school. And on top of all this my kids get great exercise, learn self defense and the valuable tenets.